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  • 1 hour
  • ONLINE (Facetime, Whats App or Zoom)

Service Description

Book a righteous conversation. Are you looking for honest truth? We will explore the roots of your triggers and obstacles through reflecting on your personal history. 1 on 1 Goals may include: - Analyzing the narrative you have created for yourself - Discovering your trauma's purpose - Critical study of personal relationships - Provide practical spiritual advice/guidance - Validate your experiences, emotions and personal trauma - Evaluate behavior patterns and emotional management - Uncover practical long and short term solutions - Rewrite your personal story, vocabulary and self talk - Shift mindset from victim to powerhouse - Assign & explore healthy coping mechanisms I am not a professional therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist. I am a mother, a teacher, a researcher, a person who is dedicated to creating the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Allow me into your darkness so we can find the light. MOM Talks take place Eastern Time.

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