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Palm Oil (Virgin)

Palm Oil (Virgin)


Palm Oil is a natural source of vitamins A, C, and E.


Use this substance to reduce wrinkles, moisturize hair, or as an offering to your Orishas.

  • Beauty Benefits

    UV Protection

    Natural Moisturizer for skin & dry, damaged hair

    Combats dandruff

    Stimulates hair growth

    Reduces appearance of aging


  • Spirit

    A physical representation of firewater. Incorporating the elements of a smooth, slippery oil, in the color of a transformational flame.

    Palm Oil has many different names around the world. It is known as Epo in IFA and Manteca de Corojo in Spanish.

    Palm Oil is essential to many spiritual works and can be used for cleansing, protection, candle dressings, creation of saints, and Orisha offerings.

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