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Raw & Organic

MOM's scrub is an antibacterial exfoliant created to help you shed layers of skin as you relax. You are guaranteed to feel the difference of your skin the moment you rinse off.


Use this product if you are looking to fight eczema, reduce breakouts, eliminate blackheads, lighten dark spots and scars, breakdown cellulite, improve circulation and hydrate skin. Feel free to wear MOMs scrub as a mask for as long as you'd like for the ultimate skin transformation. Can be used anywhere on the body including back, chest, feet, hands, hips and thighs. Recommended to use in the shower - to start your morning or to wash off a layer of stress and sweat after a long day. Simply apply a dab of scrub onto your face or body, massage gently into skin and rise.

  • Ingredients


    Dehydrate Egyptian Roses

    Coconut Oil


  • Shipping Information

    Standard shipping 3-7 business days.

    Tracking info will be sent to you via email once your package is on the way.

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